The other day I met up with a friend whom I often see during my morning walks. It was quite early, but the sun was rising, the day was warm, and there was time enough for a good visit before continuing on.

It was a perfect Morning, and a perfect day to be a Morning Person, just as this article is the perfect opportunity to do a shout-out to all the Morning People living in our midst!

So, are you a morning person? Perhaps you live with one, or know of one! I’m sure God created as many Morning People as he did members of that other illustrious demographic commonly known as South-Paws!  (Yes, I’m a South-Paw, and I admit it freely!)

So, dear Morning Person, tell us what it is about the Morning that beckons you from slumber? What is it about the morning that keeps your head from staying too long on your pillow?

To begin. Morning People are those who usually function best IN the morning. Once awakened they immediately get moving, and they are most creative and productive during that time of day when the sun has risen and the world is starting to stir. Morning People love clear skies and sunlight, and if you happen to be a morning person, you are blessed!

Then, there’s folks, like me, who (once) belonged to that opposite demographic – called “Night People.” We’re the folks whose alertness increases the closer it gets to midnight, and whose preferred hour of awakening is somewhere nearer the “Crack of Noon”. No doubt this is why Night People are often mistaken for “Afternoon People.” But that is a grievous error and not at all true!!! (LOL) But, it really doesn’t matter, of course, because God’s world always has enough space for all kinds of persons, regardless of the hour for which our internal clocks are set!

That being said, today I hope to offer you a very good reason to become a Morning Person, and it’s a reason that has nothing to do with when we awaken, but everything to do with pleasing God.

And that’s because a Morning Person, in God’s eyes, is any person whose kindness and caring brings a new and brighter Morning to the person whose life is filled with darkness, or grief, or gloom. A  Morning Person is anyone who is willing to offer even just a little light to someone in need.

A Morning Person trusts God, and listens when God says: “Fear not that your light is too little! Go and help another to be a little more at peace, to have a little more courage, a little more hope, or find a little more grace.

That’s how you can best share that Light which always Shines! That’s how you best give to others that Dawn which breaks the deepest darkness!”

“Anytime you help another find even just a little joy, that’s the same as bringing them a brighter morning! Anytime you help someone to sing, or to laugh, or to pray, or to find truth, that’s the same as bringing them a brighter dawn! That’s how you become a Morning Person in the best sense!”

God knows and so do we, just how desperately our world needs Morning People. God knows, and so do we, it’s not enough to have a morning only when the sun rises in the sky, or only when another day on the Calendar begins. God knows, and so do we, there will always be someone who needs a New Morning in the middle of the day, or the middle of a dark night. God knows, and so do we, there will always be folks who need a New Morning, a New Dawning, in their heart. In their soul. In their life.

Today, let’s let God help us to be The People of the Morning. He Can. He will.

And we can, too, if we keep remembering the words of His Son.

He said: ”You are the light of the world!  He also said: “Let your light shine!”

Rev. Steve.
Westminster Church, Chauvin