Presbytery Ride for Refuge A Huge Success

The Ride for Refuge is a day when Canadians declare their solidarity with millions of people in Canada and around the world who are displaced, exploited, persecuted and abused.

  • We ride or walk together to call attention to those whose lives have been stripped bare by pain – from life, hatred, greed, or disaster.
  •  We speak up for those treated as raw materials for others’ financial gain.
  •  We defend those crushed by forces that care nothing for their suffering.
  •  We raise funds for RIDE-approved organizations whose commitment and work transforms peoples’ lives.
  •  Every push of the pedal and every stride we take powers the future for those who otherwise have no safe place and no one to defend them.

Approved Programs

  •  Relief & Aid: Direct aid for people experiencing catastrophe, war, and oppression
  •  Development & Reconstruction: Direct or third-party NGO support for development and reconstruction initiatives, including micro-finance and sustainable funding
  •  Food & Water: Programs supporting nutrition, food banks, missions and accessible water
  •  Shelter & Housing: Any shelter, whether temporary, permanent, or expansion
  •  Medical & Dental: Treatment and follow-up care, including HIV clinics, pediatrics, pain management, and all necessary supplies
  •  Education & Tuition: Job skills, trades, ESL, career, tuition support, and Biblical curriculum and training
  •  Settlement & Acclimatization: New arrival support, training and financial aid
  •  Counsel & Legal: Spiritual counselling, development, discipleship, care for post-traumatic stress syndrome, and immigration and refugee claim legal counsel

Ride For Refuge Edmonton

According to the Ride for Refuge Edmonton site, the Presbytery of Edmonton Lakeland team raised $ $6,089.00.  According to Charlie McNeil’s email of Oct. 4th, the Knox, Lloydminster team raised $980.00. Altogether, the Presbytery raised $7,069.00.

What a wonderful job, and as Charlie said, “great to be together and out in God’s creation.”

Let’s do this again next year.

William Ball
Presbytery Missions Convener