LORD, GIVE ME FAITH (Stephen Haughland)

But not just any faith.

LORD. Give me a Faith Like This:

Lord. When I am praying, and know not what to say. Keep me praying anyway. Even without the words.

Lord. When I am singing, and cannot remember the tune. Keep me singing anyway. Even without the music.

Lord. When I am listening,  not caring to understand. Keep me hearing anyway. Even without agreeing.

Lord. When I am stumbling,  afraid of falling down. Keep me moving anyway.  Even when I must crawl.

Lord. When I am walking,  by sight and not by faith.  Keep me believing anyway. Even without a reason.

Lord. When I am looking, with eyes unwilling to see. Keep me focused anyway.  Even when I am blind.

Lord. When I am holding, that which can never be possessed  . Keep me willing anyway.  Even when letting go.

Lord. When I am building, that which cannot be finished. Keep me interested anyway.  Even without reward.

Lord. When I am dreaming,  that which is only imagined. Keep me plodding anyway.  Even beyond my zeal.

Lord. When I am speaking,  truths I have not earned.  Heal my spirit anyway.  Even when I am humbled.

Lord. When I am living,  entangled in,  enraged by, this world’s unfairness.   Keep me loving anyway.

Hopeful, anyway.  Joyful, anyway.

Even when I am surprised.

Even when I am the cause.

LORD. For your highest glory.

For our greatest good, take all.

All of my anyways.

Let  them provide for me a way.

To give my life.




Rev. Steve
Westminster Church, Chauvin AB.