In Search of a King (Stephen Haughland)

Lately in my travels I’m seeing more and more evidence of the approaching holiday season. Yesterday, it was a drugstore window, newly decorated with painted-on holly. Also a Santa Claus and sleigh, with smiling reindeer and jolly elves. And Mrs. Claus, too. Everything you would expect to find on a store window at Christmas. Except for one missing item: no King.

This afternoon, I’ve decided to tour our neighbourhood. I know that I’ll discover even more evidence of the approaching season. Windows lined with brightly-coloured lights. Spruce trees adorned with Christmas bells. Bouquets of holly strategically placed over doorways. More Santa’s. More reindeer. More elves.

Everything you would expect to see on display in a front yard at Christmas. But will I see the King?

This evening, I’ll carry my coffee mug to the chair that sits in front of the T.V.. A quick turn to the local station will bring me up to date on the recent activities of our local hockey team, the Killam Wheat Kings. On game nights, our arena is always overflowing with hundreds of cheering fans. In a world where royalty is measured in goals scored, games and fights won, our “Kings” have never lacked for plenty of loyal subjects.  To have such loyalty, must a true King do the same?

Tomorrow morning, I will continue my own search for a King. The search will begin in my office. On the computer atop my desk, and involving a game called “Solitaire”. I will seek not one king, but four. King of Hearts. King of Diamonds. King of Spades. King of Clubs. In Solitaire, the object cannot be reached unless the Kings have first place. Only when the Kings are first can the game begin.  Only when the Kings are first can the game be won. Not always am I successful. So many cards, and combinations, and choices. So many chances to misplace the King.

Soon, however, I will tire of merely playing. I will close my computer and open my heart to prayer and quietness. Aided by the Spirit and armed with truth, I will seek the true King. The real King. Who was born in a stable in Bethlehem. Whose mother was named Mary. Whose advent was heralded by prophets, angels, shepherds and sages. Who came to release His people and set the prisoners free. Who came to return us to joy.

Our King. Your king. My King. Whose plan can never fail. Whose reign shall never end.

Aided by the Spirit and armed with Truth, I will go forth to seek my King in the joy of this season. I will seek my King in the faces of friend and of stranger; in the young, and in those long in years. I will seek my King in laughter and celebration. I will seek Him in song, prayer, praise and worship. In generosity and even in extravagance will I seek my King. I will seek my King in faith, hope, and love. In this season and the next. In every season of my life I shall seek Him. With earnestness. And with true diligence.

And I shall find Him. Because He is here. Because He is with me. Because He has promised never to leave me.  And day by day I shall follow him. More nearly. See Him. More clearly. Abide in Him. More dearly.

Because He has already found me! Because He has already found us all!

Rev. Steve Haughland
Westminster Presbyterian Church, Chauvin, Alberta