Help! I need Somebody! – Like the 60’s Song Says (Charles McNeil)

Do you and I have trouble asking for help? Do we think that asking for help reveals a character flaw?

Are we somehow are lessened if we actually admit that we need help?

Odd questions to be asking in the context of the fallout of contending with the covid19 virus!

And yet perhaps all the more relevant in this time we are living through!

The other day I wanted to email prayer requests. There was a glitch in the email app and the glitch made the usually straightforward process cumbersome.  After several attempts I gave up and went home!

The following morning I had a revelation! Ask Siri for help! I did just that. Siri gave me several responses, and I chose what seemed the best choice.  Lo and behold it worked and corrected the glitch!

Situations are not always as easily solved.  Nor as situations as unimportant.  It’s good to try everything we can do ourselves to solve  whatever it is.  If the solutions don’t work then the next step is to ask for help.

This clearly includes God as well!  God stands by waiting to be asked for help.  While waiting God can gift us with calmness and clarity.  God can also whisper into the situation – try this.  God enhances our giftedness in the problem solving.

So why not simply involve God from the get go?  Asking for God’s smarts and wherewithal.  Literally saying – so what do You think?  How would You solve this? What’s the best Way to go?

And yes the pot is calling the kettle black.  I can do things the hard way, and after a lot of huffing and puffing I finally ask God for help.

Is this a bit like the gospel’s Peter trying to walk on the water? (Mt. 14: 29 – 31.)  It probably would have turned out differently had Peter asked Jesus to take his hand and walk him around a bit on the water’s surface and then try the effort on his own.  Imagine how that story would have gotten around!

Another of the New Testament’s figures also had to learn the hard way.  When Paul did learn – it stuck with him and changed his life!

Paul went from seemingly needing no one to embracing the love, friendship, and mentoring of the risen Jesus!  Jesus so profoundly complemented Paul’s life that Paul proclaimed … “ I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” (Phil’s. 4:13). Paul grew into seeing himself in partnership with Jesus!

What about you and me?  Do we see ourselves in partnership with Jesus?  Do we embrace that ethic?  Do we experience the huge benefits of partnering with Jesus?!

Here’s a thought: ask Jesus how He’d complement our efforts in responding to whatever and whoever is in front of us? Turn and say – what do You think?  How can we more profoundly transform the limitations and struggles of this time so that there is a gentleness, peace, and powerful perspective at work?  What opportunities are You giving us Jesus to share something of You into the complexities of these moments?

Don’t be surprised at the powerful stuff that happens!  The challenge.  The opportunity.  The growing edge. The effectiveness.

Appreciate you all!

The Rev Charles McNeil
Knox , Lloydminster, and Ganton Presbyterian Churches