Captain’s Log (Ken MacRae)

Captain’s Log. Star date 06072018 0632hrs

(OK, I know I’m a Major…but “Captain” sound more Star Trek-ish).

The inhabitants and I have just completed the Air Force Run in the desert in Kuwait. Why? No logical reason other than being told, “You will all be running”. Order given. Order obeyed. Spock would not be happy (when is he?) with my timing of 5 kms in 32 minutes. However, I’m old, and at 0600hrs it is already mid 30’s degrees. The fact that I crossed the line at all is something I’m glad to have achieved. I didn’t even need a defibrillator! Some other Vulcan must have entered the race. His time…I was told…was slightly over 18 minutes. I tried to phaser him going by, but I missed.

Upon reflection I wondered why I was running. Halfway through I really wondered, “Why the heck am I running?” I’m a Chaplain damn it…not a gazelle! Then as delirium came over me I remembered that at Star fleet academy we were taught about “ministry of presence”. Thus, wherever the troops are, I will be. If they are running, I’m running. If they are moving sandbags, I’m moving sandbags. If they are digging a trench…I’m standing by watching them work and mocking them. (I never said I was a good chaplain!)

In all due seriousness I am very thankful for the privilege of serving with some of the best troops and leaders in our country. A Chaplain’s ministry is relational. I would love to think that many people come to a deeper faith relationship through my great and wonderful preaching skills. However, I believe that more people have come to an awareness of God by me simply walking with them through good times and bad. If my presence, my words or my actions have helped others in any way, then I am grateful.

One Biblical verse to end with. “But someone will say, ‘You have faith and I have works.’ Show me your faith apart from your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.” James 2:18 (ESV)

Padre (Major Kenneth) MacRae…out!
Canadian Armed Forces