Practical Theology (John Carr)

Richard Osmer’s Practical Theology: An Introduction

I recently got around to reading a book I purchased some time ago. It’s a 2008 book published by Eerdmans. Osmer is Professor of Mission and Evangelism at Princeton Theological Seminary (NJ) has a particular interest in how persons learn.

My reason for sharing about this book is the interesting way Osman has structured the book. Here are the four chapter titles with a brief description of the content of each chapter.

1. The Descriptive-Interpretive Task (Priestly Listening): Gathering information that helps us discern patterns and dynamics in particular episodes, situations, or contexts.

2. The Interpretive Task (Sagely Wisdom): Drawing on theories of the arts and sciences to better understand and explain why these patterns and dynamics are occurring.

3. The Normative Task (Prophetic Discernment): Using theological concepts to interpret particular episodes, situations, or contexts; constructing ethical norms to guide our responses; and learning from “good practice.”

4. The Pragmatic Task (Servant Leadership): Determining strategies of action that will influence situations in ways that are desirable and entering into a reflective conversation with the “talk back” when they are enacted.

John C. Carr, ThM, PhD, DD (HC)
Retired (Minister-in-association at Dayspring Church)