Helping the most vulnerable: Ride For Refuge 2019 (William & Christine Ball)

We had participated in Ride for Refuge once before when William was minister at Westminster, Ottawa.  Knowing how positive the experience was, we wanted to be involved again here in Edmonton

We knew that Mill Woods Church in Edmonton was generous supporter of PWS&D but didn’t know whether they would be interested in this project.  So, we put it out there and just asked.  We invited others to join us, and they did!

Those who responded to our invitation to join the team were of all ages, from 12 to 88 years old.  Half of us walked, the other half rode 10 or 25 km.  As we walked, we talked and learned more about each other.  Not only were we raising money for a great cause, we were enjoying our time together and strengthening our relationships with each other.

The team found they had great support from the congregation of Mill Woods PC and the support extended out to their neighbours, friends and family members.  Ride for Refuge allowed the congregation to reach out beyond ourselves, opening up conversations about maternal, newborn and child health.

Ride for Refuge is a wonderful family friendly community event and the team enjoyed being a part of it.   Our participation made MWPC a little more visible in the community and allowed us to share the work of PWS&D.   We were also able to connect with other teams and hear about other ministries and services in our city.

We even reconnected with a number of children who had attended our summer Kids Kamp in August but were not part of our congregation.

At the end of the walk and ride our team gathered to enjoy lunch and celebrate the meeting of our fundraising goal.   The Mill Wood PC team had 9 members and raised $2,500.  Not bad for a first year.   We agreed that this was a wonderful day and that we look forward to participating next year.   Our goal for 2020 is set: 20 participants and $5,000.

It was a delight to sense the hand of God at work among us, in our conversations, in the support of people far and wide for those who are vulnerable and have the least.

To learn more about what Presbyterians are supporting around the world, go to: To access an infosheet specifically about Maternal, Newborn and Child Health, click here.

Blessings to one and all as we share the love of Jesus in concrete, practical ways.
Christine and William Ball